Mastering the Business of Acting

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For far too long, actors have been spending too much time and money learning how to build their craft. Yet, most still do not know how to actually break into the business, maintain longevity in it, and use the industry's secrets to their advantage. Chi has always known this travesty needed to be fixed. This is why he created Mastering the Business of Acting to be affordable and accessible to anyone who needs it. In this series, Chi addresses all those missing pieces you've been looking for. 

The Essential Series


Mastering the Business of Acting’s original 7 episode series. Over 12 hours of invaluable information not obtainable anywhere else dissecting the business side of the acting industry.
Compare to: 2 hours of acting coaching or half the price of a headshot session.


Annual Extras

$49.99 / yr.

Includes: All new video segments on 5–10 entirely new topics and in-depth updates on the ever changing acting business that haven’t been touched on, expert and accomplished guests speakers, bi-yearly, 3-hour long live Q&A with Chi Muoi Lo.


Lifetime Membership


Get the Essential Series and a lifetime of Annual Extras all in one low price.


Information and Knowledge is Power

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