Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 What makes a successful actor?
Chapter 3 Winning Moments
Chapter 4 Auditioning and performing are two different things
Chapter 5 A Conversation with Casting Director John Levey
Chapter 6 Q & A
Chapter 7 The Curtain Call



Chapter 1 The Three Stages of How to Book a Good Acting Job
Chapter 2 What are Winning Moments?
Chapter 3 Human Moments
Chapter 4 Crying On Cue
Chapter 5 Personal Finances
Chapter 6 A conversation with actress Karen Malina White
Chapter 7 Q & A
Chapter 8 Child Actors
Chapter 9 The Curtain Call



Chapter 1 Human Moments
Chapter 2 The Audition
Chapter 3 Audition Strategies
Chapter 4 Human Moments vs Winning Moments
Chapter 5 The Waiting Room
Chapter 6 The Value of a Good Coach
Chapter 7 Acting Classes
Chapter 8 A conversation with writer-director Nancy Hower
Chapter 9 Resumes, Headshots, and Demo Reels
Chapter 10 Marketing, Marketing, Marketing
Chapter 11 What is an “Ism”?
Chapter 12 Q & A
Chapter 13 The Curtain Call



Chapter 1 What is an “Ism”?
Chapter 2 The Auditions
Chapter 3 The Truth About Agents
Chapter 4 Guest Stars and Co-Stars
Chapter 5 How to get an agent
Chapter 6 The Waiting Room
Chapter 7 Managers
Chapter 8 Quotes
Chapter 9 Managers or Agents
Chapter 10 A conversation with agent Todd Eisner
Chapter 11 The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Being an Actor
Chapter 12 How to get your Union card
Chapter 13 The Crying Game
Chapter 15 The Curtain Call



Chapter 1 The Power of Eye Acting
Chapter 2 The Auditions
Chapter 3 Self Tape
Chapter 4 The Realities of Casting
Chapter 5 What is Pitching?
Chapter 6 Casting Workshops and Acting Classes
Chapter 7 A conversation with talent manager Chi Muoi Lo
Chapter 8 Take Your Stage
Chapter 9 Q & A
Chapter 10 The Curtain Call



Chapter 1 Take Your Stage
Chapter 2 Producer’s Session for Guest Star Role
Chapter 3 Who Makes the Decision?
Chapter 4 The Five Tools
Chapter 5 Role Models
Chapter 6 Commercial vs Theatrical
Chapter 7 Acting is a Marriage
Chapter 8 Pitching is the Key to Success
Chapter 9 What Motivates You?
Chapter 10 The Pitfalls of Social Media
Chapter 11 Q & A
Chapter 12 The Curtain Call



Chapter 1 What is a Studio Test?
Chapter 2 Pre-Test Rehearsal with Director
Chapter 3 Chemistry Tests
Chapter 4 Karen Malina White Studio Test
Chapter 5 When is the best time to meet casting directors?
Chapter 6 Relationship, Relationship, Relationship
Chapter 7 The Five Tools
Chapter 8 Q & A
Chapter 9 10 Tips for How to Be a Happy and Successful Actor
Chapter 10 A Final Word


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