There's More to Acting Than "Acting"

Auditioning is more than just performing a scene in front of a casting director. What many actors do not know are the business skills that come with auditioning. Most of the time, the best actor or even the best performance does not book the job.

With the right knowledge in hand, an actor can recognize good guidance that can take them to the next level in Hollywood. In an actor’s life, passion can only last so long without a few “successes” to help move you forward.

Time And Money

As reported by Variety, over 185,000 people come to LA to become actors each year. The average actor spends roughly around $6,000 to study in the city. Others, who choose to attend colleges and higher education acting schools, spend over $100,000 in tuition. Most leave these programs without any of the proper tools needed to succeed in the entertainment industry. For the kind of money being spent, there is no reason an actor leaving these schools should have any problems breaking into the business.


An Online Acting Class Like No Other

Mastering the Business of Acting offers an invaluable experience centered around the teachings and guidance of Chi Muoi Lo. Chi has over 30 years of experience as an actor, director, writer, and producer along with 19 years as a talent manager in Hollywood (See Chi’s Bio and acting work).

What You Get

For just $199, you can view over 12 hours of valuable information condensed into 7 episodes; or for $299, take advantage of the updates and perks that come with a Lifetime Membership. This class will cover a variety of topics ranging from how to break into the business to knowing how to maintain a successful acting career. We will discuss the art and business of auditioning, the constantly changing business of acting, and the new technological advancements that all actors are now expected to be experienced in. What sets Mastering the Business of Acting apart from other “similar” products is that while the class primarily focuses on those trying to break into the business, it also includes information necessary for the working actors and rising stars.

Class Overview