Live Q&A with Chi Muoi Lo

At the Director's Guild of America. 7:00PM 

On January 18, 2022 experience an exclusive opportunity to meet with one of Hollywood’s esteemed veterans, Chi Muoi Lo.

Only the first 500 Lifetime Members of Chi’s Mastering the Business of Acting will be invited to openly ask the experienced actor, writer, producer, and manager any and all questions they may have about the acting business in a live recorded, in-person Q&A session taking place at the Director's Guild of America in Los Angeles. Don’t miss out on this invaluable moment to truly take your acting career to the next level!


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Includes: All new video segments on entirely new topics (see below) and in-depth updates on the ever changing acting business that haven’t been touched on, expert and accomplished guests speakers, live Q&A's with        Chi Muoi Lo.

7 new video segments scheduled for release on 2/23/22.  

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Future Segments Covered

  • Covid 19 - The After Math
  • When To Keep / Move On From Representation 

  • The Ever Changing Relationship With Representation

  • When and How To Take Control Of Your Career

  • When To Move On To Directing or Producing   

  • You Can't Book Every Audition / Picking Your Battles

  • Making A Co-Star Into A Guest Star

  • More To Come

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