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Mastering the Business of Acting’s original 7 episode series. Over 12 hours of invaluable information not obtainable anywhere else dissecting the business side of the acting industry.

Compare to: 2 hours of acting coaching or half the price of a headshot session.



Annual Extras


Includes: All new video segments on entirely new topics (see below) and in-depth updates on the ever changing acting business that haven’t been touched on, expert and accomplished guests speakers, live Q&A's with        Chi Muoi Lo.

7 new video segments scheduled for release on 10/23/22.  

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Lifetime Membership


Get the Essential Series and a lifetime of Annual Extras all in one low price.


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Future Segments Covered

  • Covid 19 - The After Math
  • When To Keep / Move On From Representation 

  • The Ever Changing Relationship With Representation

  • When and How To Take Control Of Your Career

  • When To Move On To Directing or Producing   

  • You Can't Book Every Audition / Picking Your Battles

  • Making A Co-Star Into A Guest Star

  • The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly of the World of PR

    And Much More!

Information and Knowledge Are Power

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