"Chi has been my manager for over 10 years and has been a huge factor in the development of my career. One thing about him stands out from the rest. He cares deeply about my success. His commitment to my career is unparalleled and he will stop at nothing to make sure that I achieve everything I've set out to in this business. He just doesn't give up and he makes sure you don't either. Nothing is more important in a manager than that trait."

Steven Krueger
(The Originals, Yellowjackets, Roswell: New Mexico)

"I directed Chi in the film, Faith of My Fathers. Chi was [John McCain’s] principal tormentor in prison and gave the role such a definitive take on resentment and evil that he dominated every scene he was in. His suggestions were all taken and hit the perfect pitch. He was a big part of the team that contributed to the film being nominated for 4 Emmys."

Peter Markle
(Director - Bat 21, Flight 93, Youngblood)

"Chi was the director who launched me into film acting. I had never performed in front of a single camera and was terrified. Despite my fear and inexperience, instead of coddling me like a rookie he taught me the nuances of the craft thus allowing me to thrive on screen. He taught me the power of subtlety in my work. Through his guidance I was proud of what I saw on the big screen and as a result became convinced that all the sacrifices I made to become an actor were worth it. I’m baffled that we both have thrived in the business for this long and how much knowledge and secrets he has acquired."

Tyler Christopher
(Emmy Award Winning Lead Actor - General Hospital, Into the West, Days of Our Lives)